Project Description

Product Description

MC-D03 Electric Gynecology Table

Brank: Medik

Model: MC-C03

Size: 1920*610*790-1040mm

Product Details

Main features

lMC-D03 Obstetric table is designed and manufactured to meet the need of the market. It is used for childbirth, gynecology surgical operation, examining and many other functions, including urgent caesarean operation.

lThe ascent and descent, forward and backward tilting of this set are manipulated by micro touching controller, which is convenient and easy to operate.

lThe key part of power adopts imported electric motor. The back section adopts gas springs structure, and the angle can be regulated. The secondary station is controlled by hand and can be concealed, making the operation convenient. Foot controls the fix and move of the base set.

lThe planks, basins and all outer shells are made of stainless steel, which makes nice appearance and easy cleaning. The choice of colors of foot and soft mat can be available.

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