Project Description

Product Description

The supply of oxygen-air blends by so called blenders is part of the clinical standard today. These blenders are often combined with a connected flowmeter for dosing the flow.

The insufflation assembly REANIMAT-O2-Blend is a universal device for the supply of medical oxygen-air-blends both for stationary and mobile use.

Dosing of the flow is possible from 0 to 60 l/min, according to the intended clinical use.

Optionally, a suction unit can be integrated in the insufflation assembly which makes this device indispensable for various non-invasive applications of breathing gas support in pediatrics, neonatology and adult care.

Wide range of application

Due to its modular configuration the assembly can be used in all fields where oxygenated medical blended gas is required. A combination with non-invasive respiration equipment is usually possible, provided the respiration equipment has a pressure limiting facility.

Application examples: Oxygenation of respiration units such as

• Resuscitation bag

• Emergency respirators

• CPAP devices

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